Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Whats up with my life

I thought it was time to let everyone know that I'm still alive and kicking, mostly. I wrote a post awhile back but couldn't get my pictures from my camera to the putter. I still can't! I need Brittany to come home for a visit to help me figure it out. She is doing well and lives in Columbus and works at a radio station. Grandson Mike is out of the Air Force and working at Whirlpool.  Nick is now 14 and taller than all of us. Ryan is 12 and is quite the sports guy. Korey at 11 is into more vidieo games than is healthy for a person. Gabby is 10 and likes to swim. And wants to all year round even when the pool has ice on it. Zoey started school this year and is a great little girl. Khloe is 3 and is a little sweetheart. I'm still quilting and have gotten a few tops done. I have been trying new things that I see on youtube. My tops have turned out pretty good. Sorry I can't show you pictures. I am still at Wal-Mart, almost 4 years now. I found out that I have diabetes and thought that was causing all of my of my foot pain [like so bad I couldn't hardly walk at times]. My Dr wrote a script for shoes and the man that fitted them said he thinks it is arthritis instead of nerve pain but the shoes have helped a lot. I still won't be running any races but I can walk. Butch is doing well also.                                                                               

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